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Professional Level Sporting Complex

La Ley Sports Complex

At the heart of all the action in the heart of South Florida.

The most complete training and tournament complex for all levels of Baseball in the nation. The main stadium seats over 6,500 fans and provides a state-of-the-art jumbo video screen and scoreboard provide non-stop information and exposure to all athletes before, during and after each game. The surrounding 90+ acres and 8 additional fields that make up the entire complex add up to a professional atmosphere that accommodates all levels of competition from the little leagues to the majors!

State of the Art Training Center

La Ley Sports Training Center

State of the art training facility with professional trainers

The Training Center, powered by La Ley Sports is a state of the art indoor baseball training facility. We are fully equipped with 6 cages, a large “Monster Cage”, and a new Strength & Performance Area. Offering everything from cage rentals and baseball lessons to day camps and birthday parties, the training center is here to meet your baseball needs. With camera’s set up in all the cages, the center provides a player with individualized video analysis that uniquely shows him how he can improve, setting us apart from the competition. Click here to view Today's Schedule.